Miami Beach: Nuvo Seafood & Pasta

My best friend invited my boyfriend and I to join her for dinner last night at Nuvo Seafood & Pasta on Washington Street in Miami. We arrived around 9 PM, and got very lucky parking (for free!). This is extremely rare when it comes to parking by Washington Street on a Friday night. With that being said, my friend paid $20 for a spot in a parking garage a few blocks down.

As you’ll be able to see below, the street is very nicely decorated and the atmosphere is very welcoming. There were kids there as well, which made me feel better since I thought twice about bringing my daughter along. Finding the restaurant was a bit tricky. The location doesn’t have a sign with the name, instead it says “Mercato Pescheria” which now that I think of it, they have seafood market inside.

Our waiter gets 3 out of 5 stars. He was dry, serious, and short. And honestly to me the personality of the waiter is crucial in your experience with the restaurant. However, towards the end of the meal someone (I’m assuming the owner since he was dressed differently) came by to ask us how we were doing and if we needed anything. So I hope I was just unlucky with my waiter.

We were seated outside and to be honest I thought everything was very pretty and nice. I saw the 2-person tables had these huge chairs that were gorgeous. Very nice, tasteful outdoor furniture. Dress code is literally whatever you want, its a  very open restaurant among so many others that theres really no room for a specific dress type. My friend was very well dressed in a white pencil skirt and cropped white blouse with heels, opposite of myself who dressed in simple dress and flats (my boyfriend in a tshirt and jeans).

I will say although the food was great, I don’t feel it was worth the money I spent. On Google this restaurant is listed as “$$” but I would say its more like “$$$” for sure.


Lets start off with a picture of my piece of heaven.


Here’s a shot I took when we were leaving (you can see my friend trying to drink her last drops of wine). As you can see, the restaurant is very small. From that blue shirted waiter to the next restaurants sign “Mojitos”. The majority of the tables are outside.


This was our appetizer (one of my mans favorite appetizers anywhere its offered): Calamari. Sorry, I remembered to take the picture after we started eating it. The basket was filled to the top and it was certainly delicious. There were two sauces, marinara and cilantro garlic.


This was my main course: Spicy Shrimp Pasta. It was very tastey, and it actually was spicy. There weren’t skimpy on the shrimp, however, for the price I paid ($27) I would’ve like something more, at least some peppers if not some scallops or something. Idk. It was literally pasta, sauce, tomatos and shrimp. I didn’t have left over either, however I was definitely full.


My other half ordered a well done Skirt Steak. It came with a few fries (no we didn’t eat anything before the picture was taken) and a jar with “pico” for the steak. He ate it all, and wasn’t left hungry.

(My daughter had eaten before at her grandma’s house, so we just ordered some fries for her. Didn’t bother for a picture with that.)


Please don’t mind my daughters poor cup to mouth coordination.



I would recommend this restaurant in terms of taste and comfortability. However, if you’re not comfortable spending $30 a plate, I wouldn’t steer you here.

Stay tuned for more restaurant reviews in the future! (:

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.29.04 PM

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