SERIES: The Dark Series, Christine Feehan

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The series is about men who are born with a light in them but over the centuries this light begins to die out. With that, they start to loose all emotion, as well as the ability to see in color (they refer to this as a world in gray). That is (when the awesome corny romance kicks in) until they find there other half, their true soul mates. If they don’t find them they have 3 options.

1. Meet the sun (kill themselves)

2. Keep living and fighting the darkness. (Much harder than it sounds)

3. Become vampires (in this series, that’s a bad thing)


I have been reading this series for the past six years.

Before you freak out!,  this series currently has 27 books with two more about to come out. As you have probably figured out the series is incredible. I mean she does keep writing books, which I do keep reading!

Now I do have to say these books are rated R, they have a few sex scenes in each book, BUT the books are so much more than that. Each story plot is great and I must admit I am half in love with each male in this series (don’t tell my boyfriend).



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I am currently in book 23 and I have already purchased the next 4 that follow – I can’t wait!


If any of you are also reading this series are want to start reading it get in touch with me so we can gossip about it.

I hope you guys enjoy this series as much as me!


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Series: The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1: Shiver

Oh my oh my, when I say this book caught me by surprise, it REALLY caught me by surprise.

I started off feeling like the book was going to be mediocre, I really didn’t think the story line was anything extraordinary, until one day I realized how often I yearned to sit down and read another chapter. This book made me connect with all of the characters, to the point where I just wanted to know how they were doing and how they were going to handle the present situation. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.



If I  had to describe this book in a few words: captivating, mysterious, & romantic.
In terms of the author, this is the first book I read of hers and I LOVE her writing. She has a poetic feel at times, & the way she describes each characters thoughts is so unique to each other which brings each character to truly be their own person in the story. You can really understand who they are and how they feel. The book is written in first person between Sam and Grace.


The book is based in a town where a certain pack of wolves appear in the winter, but not just any wolves.. werewolves. These are not the ordinary werewolves we are used to reading about. These humans turn into wolves after the temperature drops below a certain point, and in their werewolf form they tend to loose all sense of humanity, including forgetting the faces of those they care about. Except Sam.

Sam and the other main character, a human named Grace, have known each other for longer than they first realize. Gracelets herself be drawn and sucked in by Sams lifestyle, and before you know it their happiness depends on the others well being. However, the future seems very unsteady with the town police wanting to exterminate the wolves, and with Sams obsessed lover wanting to exterminate Grace.


This book is free with kindle unlimited (including audio!), which is why I downloaded it in the first place. And what a gem it is! The rest of the books you do have to pay for, about $8 for kindle, but I will definitely spend the money on this captivating series!

Following books:



Four stars, because it is a tad bit slow.
Totally recommend if you’re into supernatural romance novels! Enjoy!


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