Miami: Pincho Factory

The weekend, healthy eating worst enemy. When these evil days come around all your friends want to go to great, greasy, heart attack waiting to happen places to eat and as usual we fall for it and sin. Last weekend, this was my dilemma. I wanted to meet a friend for dinner but I didn’t want to kill my hard work therefore I told her we needed to go somewhere healthy. What does she suggest? The pincho factory. What does it have that’s healthy? NOTHING. Yet I still went but I must say I was impressed.

Check it out:




Location: 9860 SW 40 ST, Miami FL 33165


This is in a place where there is many little shops in the same location, yet parking wasn’t hard to find. It is a small place, maybe 10 table.


  • Pita wraps
  • Sandwich
  • Rice bowl
  • Salads
  • Single Pinchos (chicken, steak and shrimp)
  • Burgers
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Hot dogs
  • Fries and Tots
  • Drinks (627 Ale Beer, Bottle Beers, Draft Beers, Sodas and Water)


I came in here thinking about murdering my weeks hard work ,yet going over the menu a 2nd time I hit the jack pot and found a veggie burger. Now let me tell you, I am not vegan I love me some meat, BUT I need to eat better I have gain some weight *cough* 30 pounds *cough* and I need it gone. I not only got the veggie burger (with cheese) but I also had the sweet potato tots.

veggie burger.jpg

The burger was great but the tots where LIFE. I shared with my boyfriend and two friends and they also loved it so I highly recommend it if you decide to stop here.

tostone w fried cheese.jpg



My boyfriend had the Toston burger and he says it was really good he would have it again, my friend had a classic chicken and she says it had a little to much pink sauce but over all pretty good she accompanied her sandwich with Cajun fries which she loved & highly recommended me to try some (I didn’t,  yay me). Her boyfriend had the egg’in burger but switched his buns for toston and, yes I’ll let you guess… yes FRIED CHEESE let me tell you that bad boy looked great and he said as much as its a little messy to eat it still yummy yummy goodness.




Well between me and my better half we spent around 30 dollars which I believe is fairly cheap. The food was both filling and tasteful and the money was extremely worth it even if you just go for the tots.

To see if there is a Pincho Factory near you please visit


Again, my dudes and dudettes, if you have any place that I should try in the Miami area please comment below.


Until Next Time.


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Miami Beach: Pura Vida

A mutual friend of ours has been on a strict diet for the past three weeks trying to win a monthly challenge. But with Saturday around the corner and a lunch date with my friend, I went on good old Google to find a place where we could eat and neither of us would kill our hard work. So with that in mind I had to find a place that was yummy, healthy and low on calories. Of course, Google gave me a bunch of places, but I went with Pura Vida.

Pura Vida
110 Washington Ave #2, Miami Beach, FL 33139


The place is a cute little corner café with outside seating only. But let me tell you, when it came to parking it was a mission! Parking all around was all residential. We finally found a community parking across the street but it was full. In total we spent almost an hour looking for spot.


Food offered:

  • Raw organic bowls
  • Breakfast
  • Small bites (appetizers)
  • Big bites
  • Bowls
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps & Pitas
  • Sweet Treats



On the right, Spinach Wrap with everything: grilled chicken breast, brown rice, cherry tomatoes, low fat mozzarella cheese and home made guacamole.
I ordered this along with my friends boyfriend; I loved it! The cheese mixed well with the rice and made it creamy, and the chicken tasted divine. It did take long to cook but I’ll say the wait was worth it!
On the left, the same except the spinach wrap was swapped for a whole wheat wrap and the guac was excluded.


Signature Acai Bowl: brings raw organic Brazilian acai and banana blended into a smooth puree, topped with granola and fresh seasonal fruit. My friend ordered this, she says she didn’t like it and added a bunch of granola so it would taste better, but I tried a spoon full and it wasn’t that bad; all the flavors combined made a good mix. I’ll go as far to say that acai is an acquired taste, so if you know you already like it then it would be a hit for you.


My boyfriend and I spend 37 dollars with some cents. We each had a wrap, a cute carton water they have called “just water”, and vegan chocolate chip cookies.


Over all I really enjoyed the place.  They only have outside seating and because of this dogs are welcome. They even have a water bowl outside and everything. I would think twice about going only because of the parking.  But the food is great!!


If anyone has any recommendations for yummy healthy places in the South Florida area please let us know.

Until next time!

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Series: The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1: Shiver

Oh my oh my, when I say this book caught me by surprise, it REALLY caught me by surprise.

I started off feeling like the book was going to be mediocre, I really didn’t think the story line was anything extraordinary, until one day I realized how often I yearned to sit down and read another chapter. This book made me connect with all of the characters, to the point where I just wanted to know how they were doing and how they were going to handle the present situation. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.



If I  had to describe this book in a few words: captivating, mysterious, & romantic.
In terms of the author, this is the first book I read of hers and I LOVE her writing. She has a poetic feel at times, & the way she describes each characters thoughts is so unique to each other which brings each character to truly be their own person in the story. You can really understand who they are and how they feel. The book is written in first person between Sam and Grace.


The book is based in a town where a certain pack of wolves appear in the winter, but not just any wolves.. werewolves. These are not the ordinary werewolves we are used to reading about. These humans turn into wolves after the temperature drops below a certain point, and in their werewolf form they tend to loose all sense of humanity, including forgetting the faces of those they care about. Except Sam.

Sam and the other main character, a human named Grace, have known each other for longer than they first realize. Gracelets herself be drawn and sucked in by Sams lifestyle, and before you know it their happiness depends on the others well being. However, the future seems very unsteady with the town police wanting to exterminate the wolves, and with Sams obsessed lover wanting to exterminate Grace.


This book is free with kindle unlimited (including audio!), which is why I downloaded it in the first place. And what a gem it is! The rest of the books you do have to pay for, about $8 for kindle, but I will definitely spend the money on this captivating series!

Following books:



Four stars, because it is a tad bit slow.
Totally recommend if you’re into supernatural romance novels! Enjoy!


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Baked Chicken Pesto with Yellow Rice

As you may know, my friend May and I started a low calorie diet. In the name of not having to focus so much on our boyfriends food since we’re already focusing so much on ours (selfish, we know), we decided to go for some simple yet tastey entrees. In comes rice (easy and always satisfying) and some baked chicken.
Lets start with the chicken, shall we?

Baked Chicken Pesto serves 3

recipe ingredients

4 Chicken breasts (we had two big and two small)
Pesto (4 tsp per chicken, 2 for smaller ones)
Minced Garlic (2 tsp per chicken, 1 for smaller ones)
Butter (or anything you’d like to grease the baking pan with)
Aluminum Foil

On defrosted chicken, spread pesto and minced garlic to one side of the chicken breast. Place into baking pan after greasing it with the butter.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, or until the chicken is fully cooked. (Make sure to time yourself. Anymore and it would’ve been too dry).

recipe main

recipe second

Yellow Rice with chicken broth serves 3-4

Yellow Rice with chicken broth.jpg

Rice (2 cups)
Water (1 cup)
Chicken brother (1 1/2 cups)
Sazon Goya (1/2 a packet)

Directions for Rice Cooker:
Put it all in the rice cooker and cook 🙂

Everything, from prep to fork in hand, will take you about 1 hour.

Not included in these pictures, we also served corn on the cob (which we included in our meal as well, take a look at that here).

Happy cookinnnn is happy livinnnn 😉

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.29.04 PM

Pan Fried Chipotle Bean Bunless Burger


Oh, you want a healthy burger you say? Oh, you are on a low carb diet?

Pan Fried Chipotle Bean Burrito Bunless Burger serves 2recipe ingredients.jpg

Black Bean Burgers – I got these at Costco, be aware they are spicy (2 patties)
Corn – 4 mini size
Veggie Blend – we used 1/2 a bag
Cilantro Avocado from Boathouse Farms

The corn takes the longest, so start off with that.
For the corn, see below preparation picture. May wrapped the corn in aluminum foil after spreading a little butter around it. Baked for about 30 minutes.

recipe corn

About 15 minutes after placing the corn in the oven, I started on the veggies. Sautéed them – after defrosting them with some water – on the stove with a bit of seasoning.
Once those were close to done (about 7-10 minutes), I put the burgers on a separate pan after spraying some olive oil. Cooked them for about 2-3 minutes each side. When they got too dry, I added some water to prevent them from burning.
Once everything was complete, we prepared our final dish!
Placed 1 patty per plate with 1/2 of the prepared veggies on top. Drizzled a little Avocado Cilantro sauce, and served 2 corn on the cob’s per plate.

recipe main

recipe second

This meal really filled me up and I found it super delish!

From prep to fork in hand, 40 minutes.

Happy eatingggg !

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